An Innovative Solution
for an Optimal Brain

At Found Mind, we identify the root cause of your concerns by going directly to the source, your brain.
We analyze the information it tells us and then customize a solution-focused brain training program.
Our data-centric, drug-free programs are scientifically proven and effective solutions for a better life.

Brain Injury
Optimal Performance

A Healthy
Brain Has An
Optimal Speed

As you are reading this, your brain activity should be fast. When you're sleeping, you want it to be slow. But sometimes it can be persistently too slow or too fast, regardless of the circumstance. If your brain continues running at the wrong speed, it can cause a number of serious problems you haven't been able to control.

You Can Train Your Brain

You Can
Train Your Brain

Scientists once thought that the brain stopped developing after the first few years of life, that the brain can’t change. In recent years we’ve learned that’s not true. Your brain is more flexible and dynamic than we've ever thought before. With training and brain exercises at Found Mind, you can make healthy changes in your brain's structure that allow it to operate better, so you feel better.

Learn to Take Control

Learn to
Take Control

Wouldn't it be good to have more control of your brain, to overcome health problems and be mentally clear, focused and relaxed? Neurofeedback is a mirror for your brain to show itself it doesn't need to worry or stress out. It provides a means for your brain to naturally self-correct and help heal itself. Your brain learns to function more efficiently with Found Mind's proven program.

Pure Science, Proven Results

Pure Science,
Proven Results

Rooted in established neuroscience, we believe in brain training for a better life. Our programs are built on real brain data allowing precise diagnosis and effective treatment. Once your brain learns to optimize itself, it continues to make adjustments even after training has concluded. Don't hold yourself back from becoming all that you were meant to be. Improve your life...for a lifetime.

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